Our Story

How we started?

I had recently decided to quit to my work as a Civil Engineer after more than15 years on the job. Although I really loved my profession, work was demanding a lot of my time and I wasn´t able to spend it with Emilia, my first daughter.

My wife usually bought clothes and baby accessories for Emilia on Amazon, because they could deliver to us in Uruguay.

That’s when we thought that maybe we could follow that business model by importing products and selling them online.

The problem...we didn´t know anything about importing or selling online:)=


Our first import experience.

We weren´t sure about the idea, and we didn’t have any experience with importation. But in May 2017, we bought 145 bibs to sell.

With these 145 bibs, we would be able to test the whole process, from importation to delivery.

The Bibs arrived, and we were so unsure that it would work, that we left them inside the packaging box for nearly a month! 

First Sales

Finally, we decided to upload our bibs on Mercado Libre (similar to Amazon in Uruguay) and sales started to flow.

Two weeks later we decided to open our Facebook and Instagram (Facebook:@emluruguay, Instagram: @emluruguay) account. But, we needed a name for our new business. That’s when we decided to use the first letters of the names of each of our daughters (Emilia, Milagros & Luciana), in the order they were born.


Suddenly, EML was born and we have been on a fantastic journey that we hope continues forever..


Our first ecommerce

In September 2018, we launched our ecommerce www.emlshop.com for the Uruguayan market. We’ve learned a lot since launching it. In fact, we are always learning new things when it comes to e-commerce!


USA Market

We started selling in Paraguay, and Argentina and now we are launching our ecommerce brand for the U.S. market.

We can’t wait to see how this journey continues to grow…thanks:)