Mochaise Story

How did we get the Idea?

Our first daughter Emilia had recently been born, and we wanted to experience our first beach day as parents.

 When my wife showed me all of the stuff we needed to carry to the beach, I couldn’t believe it. (beach chairs, sun umbrella, beach buckets, a small inflatable pool, Towels, etc, etc,etc,etc......etc;) The list never seemed to end!

We had an aluminum beach cart and it was a terrible experience, because the wheels of the cart buried in the sand, and we had to struggle through various staircases on the way down to the beach.

When we were leaving the beach, I was carrying Emilia with one hand, and on the other hand had the cart, which was way too heavy.  It was super hot, and I was suffering on the way back to car. In fact, I must have looked really tired, because when I was arriving to my car another car was passing by, and two little girls were laughing at me as I was struggling with carrying everything!

I laugh now, but believe me that was a turning point. I knew there must be something better than this useful cart, so I tried to find something online to buy that could help me.

I didn't find anything, so I decided to create it myself and 2 months later I was applying for a design patent. I started looking for factories to produce it and I never had to use that cart again! :)