Hi, I´m Chelo - the father of this beautiful family and cofounder of EML, together with my wife Patty.

I am a civil engineer from Uruguay who worked for over 15 years in the construction industry before starting EML. Now, I dedicate most of my time to my family and EML.

I’m an entrepreneur who’s passionate about work and who loves creating things by transforming ideas into reality. I love dogs, traveling, and getting to know different places.


I’m Patty - the mother of three beautiful girls and cofounder of EML. I’m an energetic and positive person who enjoys working as part of a team. I’m currently working as an accountant in a bank while co-running EML. I love my family and my dogs, and I like playing field hockey.

Our Inspiration - Emilia, Milagros, Luciana

These three beautiful little girls have changed our lives. They are responsible for the creation of EML (Emilia Milagros Luciana); they are our driving force. They make every day special, and we love them very much.