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A backpack for your beach chairs and accessories

Take your beach chairs and sun umbrella with you...ALL YOUR BEACH GEAR IN JUST ONE BACKPACK!!

Mochaise is a backpack designed to carry all of your beach gear, leaving your hands free.

Adaptable to different chair sizes.

Ideal for family beach days, camping, outdoor sporting events, concerts, picnics in the park and parking lot parties.

Perfect solution for beach driveway, especially if there are stairs or sand dunes.

Great for motorbike, bicycle or rollers.

Easy to assemble and use.

Once you pack everything up, you will be ready for your next beach day. Leave it in your car trunk or beside your front door, and you are ready to go.


 Adaptable to different chair sizes 

Reflective bands for traffic, ideal for bicycle or motorbike use

Chest strap with zippered waterproof pocket for wallet

Back zippered waterproof pocket for other small items

Shipping to all the USA $9.99 USD

Stock available in the USA for immediate delivery.

What can you fit inside the mochaise?

- 2 beach chairs (adaptable to different sizes of chairs)

- Sun umbrella

- Towels

- Sunscreen

- Personal items (wallet, phone)


Quality Manufacturing

Polyester 600D

Great durability and quality

35 mm and 50 mm straps

Waterproof Materials


Ergonomic Design

Reinforced with 2 structural sheets of aluminum, recovered by thick foam. It protects the user's back and makes load descends, vertically protecting the user’s spine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
TJ C. (South Hamilton, US)


Derek (Charleston, US)
Perfect Solution for Beach Cargo!

If you have ever used those beach chairs that come with backpack straps (amazing right?), then imagine that same concept but for any and all beach stuff.

I use this for a body board, pop'up beach tent and a camp chair, all in the main cargo area. Then there are a couple other compartments for anchors, fins, etc.

Its a little work to load it up, but it's well worth it when your walking all the way to your vehicle with ease, and you see everybody else all frustrated juggling everything.

These are very well made, rugged, heavy duty. Well worth the money.

Deron J. (Winter Park, US)
Absolutely love it!

This is the best way to carry your beach chairs.

Highly recommended

Really good product and excellent quality.

Carry all beach Stuff in just 1 backpack!

Great Solution! Ideal for a family beach day!